State of West Virginia

I am committed to keeping West Virginians in West Virginia.


Richard Ojeda is a staunch advocate for disabled West Virginians.


Ojeda has proven he believes teachers are the foundation of our future as they educate our youth.

Opioid Crisis

Jail is not rehab, West Virginia deserves comprehensive rehab that reunites families and saves lives.


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Ideological Leader For Youth Generation

I spent 24 years fighting for my country only to come home and find out that no one had been fighting for working class families.

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Many hard-working Americans have been left behind by the very institutions designed to help them. We can do better for every citizen. We can lift us all up.

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A veteran's oath doesn't end at retirement. That is why I am running for U.S. Senate

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Richard Ojeda is a retired Major from the United States Army. He is a husband, a father, and a soldier and today he announces his bid for United States Senate. He's a Democrat and self-described warrior for West Virginia. His platform will be focused on working people, unions, and all people that have been silenced and ignored for too long. We are more than our struggles in West Virginia. We are worthy.


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